USANA and its Grand Pyramid Scheme - The Untold Truth
USANA Grossly Exagerates Number of Distributors In Their Philippines Market

USANA opened its newest market at the beginning of 2009. USANA made a document available on January 27, 2009 that made the following statement:

The Philippines launched this week with more than 10,000 pre-enrollments—the highest number of pre-enrollments for a new market opening. The Philippines is a major player in the direct selling industry, and Associate leaders from around the world report that it’s going to be another stellar market for USANA.

Then on April 29, 2009 USANA made the following statement during their First Quarter Financial Results:

Once again, Hong Kong and Malaysia were our main contributors to this group with the Philippines contributing 5000 new associates in its first quarter of operation.

USANA mislead the public into believing their Philippines Market had at least 10,000 distributors who were pre-enrolled. This figure was stated during the beginning of the quarter as well. So why did USANA only report 5000 active distributors for that region by the end of the first quarter? USANA's initial distributor enrollment figures were overstated by 100%.

I believe the statement USANA made regarding the 10,000 pre-enrollments should be investigated by the SEC. I also believe shareholders have a legitimate lawsuit against USANA on this issue.

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