USANA and its Grand Pyramid Scheme - The Untold Truth
USANA Distributors Dump Their Inventory On Ebay In Violation of USANA's Policies

USANA products are widely available on Ebay. Several Ebay users sell tens of thousands of dollars worth of USANA products each month at 62.5% of the distributor's autoship cost on average. USANA prohibits its distributors from selling their products on Ebay, but little is done to prevent it. Nobody other than the distributors themselves could inventory such large quantities of USANA products for sale on Ebay, unless employees are stealing the products or the Children's Hunger Fund is selling it on Ebay for profit. The difference between the distributor's autoship cost and the price sold on Ebay for USANA products is how much USANA overcharges its distributors. The money USANA receives for overcharging its distributors is the money used in the pyramid scheme.

So Ebay shows USANA rips off its distributors by almost 40% of the distributor's cost, and ironically the distributor incentives used to pay commissions and bonuses is 40% according to their SEC filings. Knowing that 72.2% of the distributor incentives goes to the top 2.6% of distributors in USANA and the fact that 66% of distributors receive no commission at all, I think this is a slam dunk point that USANA is a pyramid scheme.

The Ebay list I compiled reveals who the Ebay sellers are and how much product they have been moving. If these same people are still auctioning USANA products one month later (Mid August), then it will be proof that USANA does nothing to prevent or stop the selling of their products on Ebay in large quantities by certain people (It has been over a year and the same Ebay sellers are still dumping huge amonts of USANA inventory!). If this is the case, I believe it should be investigated as to who these top few Ebay sellers are and how they obtained so much inventory. As I mentioned above, people that may obtain large inventories of USANA products are USANA distributors, USANA employees, and the Children's Hunger Fund.

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