USANA and its Grand Pyramid Scheme - The Untold Truth
USANA's 2008 Fourth Quarter Active Associate Count Was Inflated

USANA's 2008 Fourth Quarter Active Associate Figure was inflated. USANA admitted that the "unusually" high enrollment was partly because people signed up as distributors that should have actually been signed up as preferred customers.

USANA States in their conference call today:

...However, in connection with the unusually high enrollment period, we experienced a higher than anticipated level of attrition among this group of associates. Our analysis of this suggests that associates in qualifying for platinum pacesetter status enrolled individuals who would have normally been preferred customers to try the product and made them associates to qualify for the status.

Higher than anticipated level of attrition among associates which USANA suggests was because associates trying to reach Platinum Pacesetter status enrolled people into a Business Opportunity who would have normally been only a Preferred Customer. I doubt this is true however. USANA distributors have been enrolling people into the business opportunity who should have only been preferred customers for a Looong time now. Remember Gil Fuller's "Volunteer Army" comment? That was stated because USANA's own surveys showed that most distributors primarily joined for the product and not because they wanted to make money. If this was true, then there would be less than 25,000 Active Distributors worldwide and over 200,000 active Preferred Customers. Truth is, 100% of USANA "Business Associates" joined to make money.

but this latest flap USANA made during their latest conference call is another piece of mounting evidence that USANA is only interested in signing up more Business Associates into a money making venture, except only 1% of participants ever made any profit.

also, those distributors who signed up distributors that were suppose to be Preferred Customers so they could make "Platinum Pacesetter", I want to know if those distributors faced any kind of disciplinary action.

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