USANA and its Grand Pyramid Scheme - The Untold Truth
Comparative Guide To Nutritional Supplements Bias Toward USANA

The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements authored by Lyle MacWilliam is used by USANA distributors to promote their products and business opportunity. Why? Because the book claims USANA is #1 in the nutritional supplement arena. What many people aren't aware of are the close ties between USANA and Lyle MacWilliam. The following will reveal this close relationship and show how the Comparative Guide is nothing more than a promotional advertisement for USANA and its distributors.

  • Independent Nutritional Authorities - Lyle MacWilliam hand picked "Independent Nutritional Authorities" for the "blended standard" used to score nutritional products. See how one of the independent authorities is on USANA's medical advisory board and who's wife is a USANA distributor making over one hundred thousand dollars per year.
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