USANA and its Grand Pyramid Scheme - The Untold Truth
Theoretical Commission versus Actual Commission

In USANA's business opportunity presentations, they show how much a distributor can earn on various leadership levels. Their presentations are misleading and I have provided a chart to show the truth. The earning figures and distributor percentages are based off of USANA's 2006 North American distributor earnings statement which is only available after the prospect already signs a business contract. Continue below to see how USANA presents it in their presentations.


The theoretical commission for each leadership level shown in the chart is implied by USANA in their business opportunity presentations. Here are a few of the USANA references that demonstrate this. My highlights are in red

This is page 8 from USANA's Binary Compensation Plan PDF file


The Commission Payout Schedule is from USANA's Pay Plan page


This can be found on page 26 of USANA's Health and Freedom - Your Path to Independence Presentation

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