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Operation Promise Land - Boiler Room Pyramid Scheme

Operation Promise Land (OPL) is an organization in Apopka Florida that was founded by Pastor Duane Broom, and is operated from within Pastor Broom's church, Everlasting Covenant Christian Center. OPL is a boiler room pyramid scheme that recruits church members into one of several different MLM companies. There are several videos presentations online at their website that promise wealth to those who join and follow their plan. Their main message is simple; recruit two people and then help them recruit two of their own. There is little to no talk about the products. There is a lot of talk about becoming rich. It is clear that those who join do so not for the product, but to make money.

One of the MLM companies OPL promotes is USANA Health Sciences, Inc. Interestingly enough, an internal memo that circulated at USANA's headquarters states the following:

“If you recieve a call regarding a group called Operation Promise Land. It is a church group in Lynn Allen-Johnson’s downline, where the pastor has challenged his congregation to start building a USANA business. Over the past two weeks we’ve had over 1,000 enrollees. Because they are new to the business they are going to have a lot of questions. Please assist them as thoroughly as you can. If they are calling in wondering why they have not been signed up yet, please DO NOT sign them up. You will need to check with Diane Galpin in Tooele (x2915) who has been put in charge of enrolling all future associates affiliated with this group. If you have any general questions you can contact Nick Weight or  Aimee Knorr.

Complaints: In the event that you recieve a complaint regarding Operation Promise Land, please fill out the non-product complaint form. This will be forwarded to the appropriate department for further informational purposes and investigation.

Please be aware that any time we recieve a complaint from a customer, even if not in regards to the products, a complaint form should be filled out.” - USANA Internal Memo

So should it be to anyone's surprise that Pastor Broom's family is at the top of their boiler room pyramid scheme? The following is where the Broom's rank in USANA's leadership ranking:

Deneige Broom (Daughter of Pastor Duane Broom)
USANA Distributor ID#: 3947756
Leadership Level: Emerald Director

Duane Broom II (Son of Pastor Duane Broom)
USANA Distributor ID#: 3947796
Leadership Level: Emerald Director

Pastor Carolyn Broom (Wife of Pastor Duane Broom)
USANA Distributor ID#: 3960686
Leadership Level: Silver Director

Pastor Duane Broom
USANA Distributor ID#: 3971804
Leadership Level: Achiever

An Emerald Director's average annual income is $250,000 and a Silver Director's average annual income is $65,000 according to USANA's distributor earnings statements. Don't expect to ever find this information out from OPL though. They do not want potential members to know that the pastor's entire family was placed at the top of the pyramid.

If you have been a victim of Operation Promise Land, you should contact your state attorney's office. Stopping this kind of fraud can only be done if victims report it.

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