USANA and its Grand Pyramid Scheme - The Untold Truth
Author of the Comparative Guide Lyle MacWilliam Was Part of USANA's Team

In the copyright section of the Fourth Edition of the Comparative Guide To Nutritional Supplements, the following is stated:

“The guide was not commissioned by any public sector or private sector interest, or by any company whose products may be represented herein. The research, development, and findings are the sole creative effort of the author and NutriSearch Corporation, neither of whom is associated with any manufacturer or product represented in this guide. Those manufacturers highlighted in the Top-rated Product Section of the guide were invited by NutriSearch Corporation to submit a brief profile of their respective companies and product lines for the benefit of the readership of this guide. No financial compensation was given or received by NutriSearch Corporation or the author for the inclusion of this material.”

I highlighted in bold a statement that is not true. The Comparative Guide's fourth edition came out in 2007. What Lyle Macwilliam has never disclosed is the fact that he was on USANA's medical advisory board from 2003 to 2006, which is during the time he wrote the fourth edition of his book.

The image on the left is a snapshot of USANA's medical advisory board webpage for 2005. As you can see, USANA listed Lyle MacWilliam as a member of their advisory board. I'm not sure how Lyle MacWilliam can state in his book that no represented manufacturer is associated with the author of the book.




The following is what USANA states regarding Lyle MacWilliam:

“Lyle shares his expertise as a consultant with a number of nutritional manufacturers and, for this reason, was asked to join USANA's Medical Advisory Board after the release of the third edition of the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements in 2003. He served on the Medical Advisory Board until 2006. Lyle decided to leave the position, in part, because he felt that that it might have created an impression of bias for his work. Lyle is neither an employee of USANA Health Sciences nor an Independent USANA Associate.”

In fact, USANA doesn't even make the above link searchable any longer to the public through its ASK ANDY page. USANA and Lyle MacWilliam have been trying to keep evidence of association a secret because it is one piece of evidence that discredits Lyle MacWilliam's publications. Interesting enough, even Lyle MacWilliam knew his association with USANA made his publications bias. So during the time Lyle MacWilliam was working on his Fourth Edition of the Comparative Guide, he was on USANA's medical advisory board.


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