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Lyle MacWilliam Admits USANA Was Not Ranked #1

Prior to the release of the Comparative Guide’s Fourth Edition and during the time Lyle MacWilliam was on USANA’s Medical Advisory Board, USANA has used the book to claim they are the number one nutritional company ranked in the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. However, at the time the Fourth Edition was released and just after Lyle MacWilliam left USANA’s medical advisory board, the following statement was made by Lyle in a PDF document titled "Comparative Guide Scoring Change":

“Even more importantly, though, it was the use of our guide only as a marketing device (by several nutritional manufacturers), and not as a tool of education, that led to this change. As you may already know, immediately following the release of the third edition, a few nutritional manufacturers reformulated their products to "leap-frog" the top-scoring product (USANA Health Sciences Essentials) in the third edition. In fact, for at least the last three years of the third edition’s run, it had been false to say USANA was ranked #1 in our research. Even though our guide still showed this product as the best in the field, other products had already eclipsed it, simply by adjusting their formulations to improve their score on our rating criteria, possibly with little or no regard for the scientific evidence supporting their changes. They simply wanted to be #1.”

So the author of the Comparative Guide admits that the three years prior to the Fourth Edition, USANA was not really ranked #1. Interesting that this statement was something we may have already known. I would love to know if a single USANA distributor was aware of this fact because it certainly didn’t stop any of them from making claims that their products were #1.


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