USANA and its Grand Pyramid Scheme - The Untold Truth
Analysis of USANA's Five Customer Rule

USANA has a policy that in order to receive a commission, the distributor/associate must have at least 5 customers. USANA defines these customers as being either Preferred Customers or Retail Customers. Then USANA defines a Retail Customer as one who does not participate in the compensation plan. Therefore, distributors/associates do not count as a customer toward meeting the five customer rule. I believe if auditors look into this, they will discover that USANA does not have the required number of retail customers in order to meet the five customer rule. In fact, they may very well discover that USANA has virtually no retail customers at all. The five customer rule in USANA's policies and procedures is nothing more than to provide lip service to state and federal regulators.


Read my four page PDF document that explains this issue in greater detail:
5 Customer Rule PDF Document

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