USANA and its Grand Pyramid Scheme - The Untold Truth
Most People Don't Receive Any Discount on USANA Product By Becoming a Distributor

A quote from the Wall Street Journal "The company (USANA) has previously said that most of its distributors join to secure a discount on vitamins, not to earn money." I have provided a chart that clearly shows most (66%) distributors do NOT earn a discount on their vitamins. The earning figures and distributor percentages are based off of USANA's 2006 North American distributor earnings statement.

Since USANA overcharges its distributors by about 40% of the distributor's current cost for the products, then in order to actually receive any form of discount for the USANA products, the distributors would need to make more than 40% of their money back that was used to purchase the products for themselves. Since 66% of distributors earn zero dollars in commission, then the majority of USANA distributors are paying 40% more for the USANA products than they should be.

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