USANA and its Grand Pyramid Scheme - The Untold Truth
USANA Profits Substantially From Distributors Donating To Children's Hunger Fund

One of the ways a USANA distributor can donate to the Children's Hunger Fund (CHF) is by purchasing a "Gift Certificate" from USANA for $12. USANA states that this gift is simply a single box of their Usanimals product (children's vitamins) that lasts for 28 days. USANA also states that the distributor can also use this as a "Tax Benefit". Sounds great, right?

USANA already charges distributors $12.50 for a box of Usanimals, so why are the distributors paying full price for this product from USANA when it is going straight from USANA's manufacturing facility to the CHF? Shouldn't USANA be sending over the vitamins at the company's cost to manufacture the product? Why is USANA making about $10 from each distributor's $12 donation? If USANA really cared about contributions to the CHF, then the distributor's $12 donation would be worth SIX boxes of Usanimals, not ONE.

Another point to make on this is the fact that distributors use this $12 donation to help meet their "Personal Sales Volume" quota for the four week period. How does a "Donation" count towards a "Business Requirement"?

There is nothing ethical about this.

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